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We are a Belgian software company,
specialised in customer interaction solutions.

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What We Do

Discover our solutions

We have developed a flexible and modular platform to interact with your customers, partners and employees. Cuberdon guarantees a fast implementation thanks to its two-speed architecture enabling a phased integration with your existing applications.

Customer Interaction Platform

Grant customizable access to share contract information, manage service requests and claims, calculate a proposal, or create a product promotion for your loyal customers. These services can be out-of-the-box or customized to fit your needs. We also connect to your existing applications, such as your CRM, ERP or integration stack using web APIs. Reach out to us for an overview of the services available now.

E-commerce Platform

Build a modern e-commerce website with many functionalities, use our inventory management tools, or simply refresh your current website with a new look and a modern back office. Ask for our references.

Sales Compensation Platform

Define sales groups and product categories with associated compensation levels. The Sales Compensation platform manages large and complex calculations, error-free compensation payments inside an evolving sales environment or changing product portfolio. We aim at increasing operational efficiencies and drive productivity with on-demand visibility into commission data at every level and any period.

How we work

At Cuberdon, we are passionate about creating intuitive software solutions

In order to quickly show results and demonstrate possibilities, we have developed our solutions according to the following principles:

Two-speed architecture

Kick-start new services enabling interaction with your target customer groups, while gradually increasing integration with your existing business applications. Our customer-centric web applications are designed to be responsive and modular, in order to be applied on your different use cases.

Two-view presentation

The customer, employee or partner experience is fully independent from the back office application. In the front, we focus on facilitating the user’s journey and make it intuitive. In the back-office, customer interactions are managed and monitored by the business owners.

Try, test, validate and do

A demonstrator is sort of a prototype we put together with the purpose of showcasing certain types of services, be it a chatbot or a new online requests tool. We use this method to allow you to try and test before validating a new service you’re interested in. Once familiar with it, you can set your own pace while moving forward.

Forget upgrades and downtime

Cuberdon’s applications are developed and managed in the cloud, using the most recent development frameworks and state of the art cloud-based infrastructure.

Quality Software as a Service

We spend our time on creating the customer interaction services with you, while handing over all the operations and infrastructure work to cloud-based services. Through web APIs you connect with existing business application or integration platform.

Our applications are offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with monthly fees combined with consulting services for assisting implementation tracks, from business analysis to testing, training and support services.

At Cuberdon, we highlight flexibility, responsiveness and are obsessed with delivering quality solutions, always putting you and your customers first.

More about us

Meet the cuberdon team

Cuberdon is a young company with three active founders bringing together multidisciplinary skill sets, strong complementarity and years of experience in software development and consulting. We are currently working with an ecosystem of partners and freelancers to support our fast development.

Els Bulens Sales & Marketing
Maxime Gravet Head of DevOps
Rahul Singrah Senior Architect & Database Design
Audrey Gravet Business Consultant

Reach out to us

Got a question or want to discuss your project? Send us a message +32 2 308 59 27

Where to find us

1850 Grimbergen